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your Supply Chain…

Production processes redesign

…your true inventory to be different than the one displayed in your WMS which prevents you from servicing your customers effectively?

Together we will redesign, and we will digitalize all the processes of your warehouse. Thus, we will secure its uninterrupted operations, an efficient workflow for your people and the desired service level for your customers. 

Inventory management

…to have the feeling that your inventory is too high where it shouldn’t along with the opposite, and thus there is a lot of room for improvement?

Together we can set up a project for the optimization of your inventory. We will begin by statistically analyze your demand and set up the tools for forecasting it in the future. Based on this data, we will optimize your order by using state of the art algorithms that will secure that you are holding only what is necessary in order to have the desired service level of your customers.

Purchasing management

…to know that you can improve your procurement systems and extract more value for your organization?

Together we will work to reorganize the way you are handling your purchases. We will analyze them, we will segment them according to their volume and their importance and we will set up unique strategies for each segment. Moreover, we will set up an evaluation process for your suppliers, increasing the negotiating strength of your organization.

Distribution optimization

…to know that your distribution network and strategies has a lot of room for improvement, but you can’t tell for sure where you should begin from in order not to harm the service level of your customers?

Together we will set up an overall optimization of your distribution which will minimize your costs while at the same time it will keep or even increase if required the service level of your customers. At the same time, we will establish key performance indicators for every aspect of your distribution system which will alert you on time for deviations from the expected operation.

Capacity analysis & Optimization

…to expect an increase of your sales or to plan the introduction of a new product, but you aren’t really sure if your warehouses can handle it?

Together we will study your needs in depth, and we will design solutions for the maximum utilization of your facilities in a way that will give you a clear idea of the changes required and their relevant cost. Also, we will produce a road map for the implementation of those changes, so you can be in control of the implementation pace and the relevant costs, but without making anything incompatible with the broad picture.


…to not be sure about the true cost of your products or services?

Together we will set up a costing procedure which will be easily implemented, and we will train your people to run it in the future. Get a clear picture of your costs, spot improvement opportunities and be confident while pricing your offerings.

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