Our Clients

Our Clients work in almost every sector of the economy and are companies of all sizes. Yet, they do share some key characteristics.

The understand the future as already present. They have a strong sense of the ongoing changes in the entrepreneurial, economical and social environment.

They are well known, successful companies with a sting brand in their sector.

They tirelessly work on those changes which will enable their organization to remain competitive.

They trust us

The Italian Polieco is one of the largest Groups in Europe producing plastic tubes with factories in three countries, including Greece.

Otis is the largest elevator company and one of the most well recognized brands worldwide.

Attica Honey is the strongest honey brand in Greece, known for 100 years in the market for its dedication to quality and tradition.

GLM is the leader in Greece in outdoor solutions. Taking advantage of Alumil materials, GLM creates posh aesthetics and upgrades the wellbeing in outdoor spaces.

Starting from a small retail shop 55 years ago, Aca has developed to one of the strongest brands for electric equipment and lighting in Greece.

Mikplan has a leading position in Greece and is ranked between the biggest companies of the international market regarding livestock equipment . Milkplan's exports network expands in more than 81 countries worldwide.

Agrodrip aspires to establish itself as an international leading brand whose name will be synonymous with consistency and high product quality.

Reaching the one century milestone, Valiadis is producing high quality electric motors since 1927 in Lykovrysi, Attica.

Cosmetic is one of the fastest growing companies for cosmetics, established in Koropi, Attica.

KARAG is an entirely Greek company, founded and headquartered in Serres since 1996. With private premises located in 3 European countries, their international presence renders KARAG a leader in the market of bathroom equipment.

Bibikas is a developing company in the field of elevators, characterized by technological innovation. Following 35 years of experience on the field, Bibikas company handles various projects in the industrial field, as well as in the food service.

Despite being new in the pharmaceuticals sector, Vencil has already accomplished a dynamic entrance in the Greek market. Having highly specialized human resources, Vencil provides premium quality services and products as in the pharmaceuticals, as well as in the medical sector.

Onset IKE is a computer services provider , supporting Greek companies, specialized in the distribution sector. Cooperating with the leader in the Greek Market regarding ERP software, Onset IKE provides certified solutions.

Megklas is a innovative brand in phosphate fertilizers, leading the market in Northern Greece since 1942

VK Action is a new, dynamic company in the field of shooting, hunting and outdoor gear . Having ensured the cooperation with exclusive dealerships widely known in the outdoor gear market, VK action has won a leading role in the Greek market.

Altas Elevators, based in Bucharest- Romania, is a leader in the elevators sector in the Romanian market, specialized in vehicle lifting solutions.

SeaBright is a well-established & known company for the design and manufacture of high quality Marine & Industrial Lighting fixtures as well as for the trading of electrical consumables & supplies for ships.

Founded in 1882, the CHRYSSAFIDIS Group of Companies is the oldest and one of the largest suppliers of plumbing and industrial goods in Southeastern Europe.

TES SA is a leader in the construction and services industry, with over 40 years of experience and numerous projects.

SERGAL established in 1964 is a leading dairy company in the Greek market.

Internima, a Greek company specialized in yarn production, features prominently in the Greek market. At the same time, Internima exports their products in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Big Blue Tools is the exclusive and official Trumpf agency for machine tools and laser sheetmetal machines in Greece.

IDEA is an educational and consultancy organisation active in the field of Lifelong Learning and Vocational Education and Training (VET) for more than three decades.

Ergotyres imports and disitributes idustrial tyres, specializing in tyres for forklifts and heavy machinery.

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