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Corporate culture & Evaluation

…to feel the need of more detailed view on the performance of your company, your departments of the overall culture of the company?

Together we will plan an evaluation procedure of your people and of your company’s culture. Corrective measures will be planned and through positive feedback all your people will know how they stand and what they need to improve. This will enable you to see your company as it is today and compare it to how it was yesterday.

Corporate knowledge management

…an employee to know the answer to a client’s question, yet your company didn’t know who that person was and thus acted as if no one knew?

Together we will set up a system which will gather the knowledge of your company and will make it available to those who need it, when they need it. Also, flexibility will be added due to the quick availability of knowledge by managing you documents with speed and security and by minimizing printing and unnecessary communications.

Evolving the organizational chart

…to know that you have reached a growth plateau and your structures are not sufficient to support your future growth plans?

Together we will evaluate the needs of your company and its current state. Then we will set up a new organizational chart that will be able to support your future plans. Knowing that such changes cannot happen overnight we will set up a road map for its implementation along with the main training and coaching needs of your future leaders.

Time management

…that your employees are always busy, stressed and overwhelmed by daily tasks?

Together we will work with your people on Time management and we will teach them the importance on focusing on the outcome of our work rather than to the work itself. We will teach them the main skills that will enable them to separate what it is important from what it is urgent and thus organize their daily work in a more efficient way.

Project management

…to start a project which never finished? Or, a case when everybody did their work, but no tangible result was ultimately produced?

Together we will work in order to enable you to effectively plan and execute projects. We will teach you how to clearly define goals and deliverables and we will digitalize the way your monitor the project’s progress.


…to know that you could have more information and of better quality so that you can make a decision?

Together we will set up a reporting system across your organization which will make it transparent for its management team. We will make sure that you will not be bombarded with irrelevant information, but you will only get in a comprehensive way those which really matter.

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