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Growth strategy

…to fail to achieve the goals that you set to a specific segment of the market or in a product category?

Together we will analyze the market and the specific characteristics of each segment and we will identify the elements of your value proposition that your customers value the most. Thus, we will build a robust strategy with measurable goals that will enable you to maximize your results.

Offers evaluation

…to know that you are losing sales opportunities while at the same time, energy is spent into clients and offers where the possibility of success is low?

Together we will create a rating system for the offers that you produce by analyzing the parameters which increase the odds in your favor, and vice versa. Thus, your sales efforts will be focused there were the possibilities of success are the most, maximizing the efficiency of your sales team and keeping their moral high.

Mapping of your commercial activities

…to wish to have more information and a more transparent picture on the performance of your sales activities and of your customers, so that you can plan a better sales strategy?

Together we can produce a dynamic analysis of your client base and evaluate the profitability of your clients, your products and your commercial channels. In this way, all those spots that require attention and improvement will come to light, giving you the chance to re-design them.

Credit control & Cashflow

…to know that you are not in complete control of your treasury, or even lose a good customer due to that?

Together we will design and built a comprehensive system that will evolve all the organization into applying the payment terms agreed with the customers. This way, you will gain control of your liquidity which in return will enable you to lay down your long term financial plans.

Digitalization of sales activities

…that the use of your CRM system has gradually demoted to a procedural tool out of which your company gains less and less over the time?

Together we will redesign the procedures of your sales and we will reconfigure your CRM to transform it into a tool that add value to your sales force every day, rather than being a bureaucratic inconvenience for your people.

Sales network optimization

…to suspect that your commercial channels do not communicate efficiently the value points of your brand?

Together we will identify the key elements of a flawless customer experience and we will design a sales processes that will enable your network to increase its sales effectiveness.

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